Can I put laminate on top of carpet?

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When replacing carpet with laminate flooring, it’s important to use the correct underlay. This not only avoids a bouncy laminate floor and other DIY laminate flooring issues, but improves the lifespan of your new laminate flooring up to 40 percent. Learn more about laminate flooring DIY and where to find Denver carpet replacement in this article. 

The Purpose of Laminate Underlay

The right underlay for laminate flooring helps improve durability and longevity. Putting laminate directly on top of carpet often results in uneven, bouncy flooring that doesn’t look or feel like the material the laminate is supposed to mimic (harwood, tile, or slate). 

However, using no underlay will also cause excess damage to the laminate, and even result in uncomfortable flooring. Laminate underlay is designed for the perfect feel – between 3mm and 5mm thick – depending on the design and homeowner’s preference.

Laminate underlay offers four main protective features that carpet underlay doesn’t.

  • Because it’s a shock absorber, it creates quieter rooms by reducing the sound of echoing and footsteps
  • It provides better insulation by reducing airflow through the subfloor and can even help save money on energy usage
  • It acts as an extra water-resistant layer between the laminate and subfloor, helping to protect your floor and home from moisture, mold, bacteria, and from warping over time
  • It helps hide any imperfections from the manufacturer, installation, or wear-and-tear

Replacing Carpet with Laminate 

If you’re replacing old carpet in favor of laminate in your Denver home, you’ll need to completely remove both the carpet and the underlay beneath. Carpet underlay is a bit thicker than traditional laminate underlay, as it’s designed to keep carpets soft and lush underfoot. Be sure to choose the correct underlay designed specifically for laminate flooring when replacing carpet with laminate. This ensures that your new laminate floors are installed with the correct fit and remain solid throughout their lifetime. 

Other cons of using the incorrect underlay include bouncy flooring that causes excess damage to laminate click-locks, issues with installation, void laminate guarantee offers, and decreased lifespan.

Working with a Professional Denver Carpet Installer

Although many homeowners DIY laminate flooring, it’s often easier, faster, and more cost-effective to work with a professional. This is especially true for complete remodels or Denver carpet replacements. To ensure that your luxury vinyl flooring is installed correctly the first time, contact a trusted Denver flooring professional that can help bring your vision to life.

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